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Getting Started: Guidelines and Address

Get involved. Your knitted or crocheted creation will directly help an Afghan woman, man, or child who greatly needs the caring, warm embrace of your personal, handmade gift.

Tips for knitting or crocheting for the afghans for Afghans project


Size depends on specific campaign needs. Please read campaign guidelines.


Feel free to use the colors that inspire you. The gift of a bright, cheerful afghan or garment will have a tremendous impact on those who have little if any possessions. Consider using some shade of the color green -- . green is the beloved color of Islam. Avoid white or light yarn colors since they are difficult to keep clean. Please don't use camouflage yarn (military).

Fiber type

Please use wool and other animal fibers (such as mohair and alpaca) and wool blends that offer the most warmth and durability in harsh conditions. Acrylic items will not be sent to Afghanistan. Avoid delicate fibers such as some silks and novelty yarns. More notes on fiber here.

Sourcing yarn

Yarn and craft stores have plenty of yarns to choose from. Take a look through the sale bins. Let your favorite yarn shop know that you are knitting and crocheting for an Afghan family, and consider asking for a donation of wool yarn or a good discount. They may be happy to help.

Before you hit the stores ... this is that long-awaited opportunity to put your huge yarn stash to superb use. Raid your own yarn supply and use up those odds and ends. Don't be shy about searching for yarn -- ask friends to give you their extra wool yarn that's just sitting around; they'll no doubt be delighted to share for such a worthy purpose. Resourceful yarn hunters have also been known to discover inexpensive yarn at thrift stores (check for moths and eggs of course!) and online.

Pattern and design

Knit or crochet your favorite pattern or try something new -- you have plenty of latitude to select the design. A few restrictions are:

1) Do not incorporate representational images such as faces and animals in your design -- Islam prohibits depicting such likenesses.

2) Do not incorporate religious or national symbols.

3) Avoid lacy stitches that do not insulate sufficiently.

Here are selected links to free online patterns suggested by volunteers. Or, use your own favorite patterns.

Knit our Fulled Afghan Bag, Tulip Socks, Afghan Mittens, Afghan Socks, Friday Mosque at Herat Sweater, and Men's Vest for your own family.

Your purchase supports afghans for Afghans and women's literacy classes in Kabul.

How to purchase patterns  


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When and how to mail your donation

Step 1

Update: 2016 campaign has now been completed. Thank you to all our wonderful participants!

No new campaign announced yet. Please do NOT send any items at this time. Please check back for updates.

Please use 100% wool or mostly wool (or other durable, warm animal fiber) to provide maximum utility in harsh weather. More notes on wool here.

Mailing address:

afghans for Afghans
c/o no address at this time

Thanks to the good work of afghans for Afghans' local sorting and packing volunteers, the American Friends Service Committee in San Francisco, and other experienced agency partners, your handmade wool gifts will be securely packaged and transported and distributed to those in need.

Please tie mittens and socks together with a safety pin or piece of yarn so that pairs stay intact.

NO used items, please! We cannot send used items because of customs and complications that can arise with cross-border transport. We DO NOT accept acrylics, scarves, unassembled afghan squares, ear-warmers, ponchos, felted items, quilts, fleece items, store-bought merchandise, knitting-loomed items, anything made with camo yarn, or toys. We don't need baby sweaters. We can only send what is on our specific list of needed items. Thanks for understanding.

Step 2

When you mail your wool gifts, please email us (afghans4Afghans at aol dot com) with your name, city, and state -- we'd like to keep track of the generosity. You will be acknowledged by email.

If you need confirmation that we have received your package, please use the signature request services of USPS, UPS, or other delivery agents. Or, enclose a self-addressed stamped postcard or envelope that we will mail back to you.

Questions? Email us at afghans4Afghans at aol dot com.

AFSC's Mary-Ellen Solon receiving our incoming packages


In-VEST for Peace Art

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