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In-VEST for Peace Pin or Magnet

Purchase In-VEST for Peace Pins and Magnets here to share with your fiber friends, guild members, and other kindred spirits.

Original In-Vest for Peace art by Rosemary Hill

The original hand-drawn and painted watercolor was created by Rosemary Hill, who generously donated her art to afghans for Afghans. Rosemary's painting was inspired by our In-VEST for Peace knit and crochet patterns to make for Afghan girls and boys. Lovingly created by Americans and Canadians, these wool vests warm the hearts and torsos of children who need to know that we still care and who await a more secure, peaceful future. Rosemary's playful art communicates a most sincere message. Rosemary is a popular knitwear designer and jewelry maker. She makes beautiful shawl pins to adorn your own fiber creations.

Product specifications: Each pin is 2.25 inches in diameter, with a metal shell and mylar/UV proecting cover. The magnet is similar, but with a flat magnetic back, instead of the pin.

Thank you for your support of afghans for Afghans. Thank you for remembering the Afghan people with the work of your own hands.

Thank you to Rosemary Hill for generously donating her original In-VEST for Peace art to the afghans for Afghans project.

Also ... We Offer an In-VEST for Peace Tote Bag

Your gift with a tax-deductible financial contribution

Click here to find out how to make a financial contribution and receive your In-VEST for Peace Tote Bag gift.


In-VEST for Peace Pin or Magnet

In-VEST for Peace Pin or Magnet
Photo Credit: Rosemary Hill

Rosemary Wearing In-Vest for Peace

Photo Credit: Clint Holeman
Model: Rosemary Hill

In-VEST for Peace Art

In-VEST for Peace art
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All rights reserved


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